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The Pa​ttyeCakes, LLC Story

Baking: A Family Affair 

Pattye L. Sawyer grew up watching her Dad and grandmothers bake. For years, she utilized family recipes, modified others, and created some of her own to make delicious desserts for her family and friends. Realizing that she had a gift that brought joy to herself as well as others,  she decided to take a leap of faith in late 2019 to share her gift with a broader audience, and PattyeCakes, LLC was born.  Pattye balances her love of baking with her love for serving her community through her full-time career as the Executive Director of a thriving non-profit social service organization in St. Petersburg, FL. 



 Peanut Holiday Brickle

"The Brickle is special... it's light with just enough chocolate. The base is delicious -- nuts, buttery goodness -- it satisfies my sweet taste, and it's firm, but not too hard. I love it! I only have 1/3 of mine left. You can't eat just one piece!" 

   ~~ Lottie Cuthbertson 



German Chocolate Bundt Cake

"I called 'PattyeCakes' last minute to place an order for a German Chocolate cake for my husband's birthday. At first, our schedules were so hectic I wasn't sure we'd be able to make it happen... But Pattye came through for us, and she baked my husband a fabulous cake. My family not only ate it, but lightweight devoured it! Her presentation was fabulous and the cake delicious in pure Ms. Pattye style. The Crumbly Family highly recommends using PattyeCakes for your next celebration or event! You'll be glad you did!"

   ~~ Karla Terry-Crumbly 

Sweet Potato Sour Cream Bundt Cake 

"My husband got me a cake from PattyeCakes for Mother's Day and it was INCREDIBLE! It had sweet potato in it which none of my family will eat [other than me] and EVERYONE had some! Thank you Pattye for doing such an incredible job and obviously putting so much love into what you do - we are appreciative and will be back! 😍😋!"  

   ~~ Christian Brayboy 


~ Tantalize Your Tastebuds ~

Pattye L. Sawyer

Owner & Chief Baking Officer 


We are passionate about preparing quality desserts that taste delicious, are aesthetically appealing, and provide our customers with an 

amazingly "sweet" experience! 


To become a Premier Bakery that serves families, communities and businesses everywhere using our 

God-given ability to create exceptional desserts. 

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