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Choose Your Cake Design

Almost as fun as eating your cake, is customizing it by selecting from one of our 31 beautiful cake designs!  Not sure what to select? 

Submit your questions on the Contact Form & we'll help you select the right size/design for your order! 

Bavarian (10-12 cup)

Blossom (10 cup)

Brilliance (10 cup)

Candy Molds  (Purses, Shoes & Lipstick; Crowns)

Charlotte (3 cup)

Fleur de Lis (10 cup)

Heart (10 cup)

Heart [3-Tier] (12 cup)

Choose Your Cake Design

Heart Cakelets (6-pack)

Heritage (6 cup)

Honeycomb (10 cup)

Medallion Cakelets  (6-pack)

Mega Bundt Quartet

Mini Bundt (6-pack)

Mini Bundt Singles

Pineapple Upside Down Cakelets (6-pack)

Choose Your Cake Design ​

Rose (10 cup)

Small Bundt (6 cup)

Square (10 cup)

Standard Bundt (12 cup)

Tea Cakes (30 count)

Tube [Pound Cake] (12 cup)

Geo Bundlette (6-pack)

Elegant Party Bundt (10 cup)

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