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Menu Items

Whether you need a single cake, a mini or mega bundt, cupcake tray, or specialty items like our delicious Monkey Bread, Marshmallow Pops, Dipped Pretzels or Parfaits, we've got just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, and we're always adding new items to our menu. Stop by the site often to see what's new!

Specialty Menu Items

Maple Bacon Monkey Bread

Perfect combination of salty & sweet, with lots of gooey caramel, maple bacon & toasted pecans  Pure decadence!



Full of fresh fruit or brownies, pudding, peanut butter cups, toffee bits & rich whipped cream. Parfaits are not shippable. 


Marshmallow Pops & Dipped Pretzels

Especially for our little customers, 

marshmallow pops or pretzel rods dipped in milk, dark or white chocolate & topped with sprinkles, toffee bits, coconut & more! 



All Pound & Bundt Cakes are $45, with the exception of the Sweet Potato Sour Cream Bundt ($50), Peach Cobbler Pound ($50), Sock It To Me Pound ($50), Red Velvet w/pecans ($50), German Chocolate ($50), Carrot ($50), Whiskey Peach Upside Down Bundt ($55), Ferrero Rocher Stuffed Chocolate ($60), Crown Royal Caramel Apple Bundt ($55) & White Chocolate Cranberry Bundt (seasonal item $50).

Mini Bundts

Mini Bundts are $25/6-pack, or $45/dozen & are available in the following flavors: Caramel; German Chocolate; Lemon; Maple Bacon; 

Red Velvet; Strawberry & Tropical.

Mega Bundts

Twice the size of our Mini Bundts, Megas are $12/each & are available in the following flavors: Caramel; Carrot; German Chocolate; Key Lime; Lemon; Maple Bacon; Red Velvet; 

Strawberry & Tropical.



Regular size Cupcakes are $40/dozen; $22/half dozen; Crown Royal Peach Cupcakes are $45/dozen & $25/half dozen. Mini Cupcakes are $15/dozen. Regulars are available in the following flavors:  Banana Pudding; Carrot; Chocolate; Crown Royal Peach (when available); Lemon; Red Velvet; Strawberry; Sweet Potato (seasonal), Pumpkin (seasonal), & Tropical. Minis are available in Carrot; Chocolate; Lemon; Red Velvet; Strawberry & Tropical.


Cheesecakes are available in the following flavors (9-in.): Brownie Bottom Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ($60); Banana Pudding ($50); Browned Butter Pecan ($50); Cherry or Strawberry ($40). Want something smaller & more decadent? Try our 7-in. size in Snickers, Butterfinger, Oreo, or Reese's Cup flavors ($30).

More flavors coming soon!

Vegan, Gluten-/Sugar-Free

Our vegan, gluten- & sugar-free bundt offerings, include: Vegan Red or Brown Velvet ($45); Vegan Chocolate Bliss ($45); Gluten-/Sugar-Free Strawberry ($40); Sugar-Free Lemon ($40); & Sugar-Free Chocolate Coconut ($40). 

What our customers are saying

PattyeCakes, thank you for the most decadent German Chocolate cake I’ve ever had. It was the star of the dessert table at our family Christmas party last night. I wish I had a picture to share, but family got into it as soon as it was set out. Truly, the cake was just as delicious as it was beautiful and enjoyed by all.

Attorney Amanda Singleton, St. Petersburg, FL 

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